BM-1 Steel Backed DU Bushings

Du Bushings

BM-1 high-performance Steel Backed DU Bushings, environmental protection is based on steel substrate, the middle bronze powder, sintered spherical surface rolling four ethylene (PTFE) and a mixture of green polymer material, rolling and sliding bearing. Product is lead-free environmental protection, wear-resisting performance is excellent

BM-1 Steel Backed DU Bushings

BM-2 Pom Layer DX Bushing

Pom Layer DX Bushing

DX Bushings

boundary lubrication bushing is based on a composite material with 3  firmly bonded layers:steel as backing, sintered bronze spherical  powder as interlayer and modified POMas lining layer.It fits well for low speed, heavy duty  and normal temperature and saves cost and prolongs working life when replacing normal all copper sleeves BM-2 DX bushings Suitable for rotating and oscillating movement

BM-090 Bronze wrapped bearings

Bronze wrapped bearings

BM-090 bronze wrapped bearing are wrapped of a cold formable homogenous bronze(CuSn8), which will obtain exceptional material properties. Bearings standard size are fitted with diamond shaped lubrication indents on the bearing surface

Bronze wrapped bearings

BM-650 solid lubricant bearing

BM-650 solid lubricant bearing

Solid Lubricant Bearing

BM-650 Cast Bronze with solid lubricant bearing, is base on brass. Inlaid graphite or MoS₂A high performance solid lubricant for solid lubricant. It breaks through the limitation that the general bearing depends on oil film lubrication. In the process of use, the friction heat of the solid lubrication and the axial friction, the excellent conditions for the formation of oil and powder

BM-800 Bimetal Bearing

Bimetal Bearing

BM-800 bi-metal bushing is based on the carbon steel in which the copper powder is sintered on the surface by CuPb10Sn10 or cusn6zn6zn6pb3 material. This product is one of the most powerful bearing capacity of double alloy bearing, the balance bridge bushing and gasket of heavy duty vehicle; The moving wheel and supporting wheel of the bulldozer

BM-800 bi-metal bushing
make to order bushing

Make To Order Bushings

We accept make to order bushing by provide details of bearing design information, more discussion please feel free to contact our support team today!

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