Machinery Mandates: Why bearings are essential for most modern equipments

Bearings, in general, are described as an important machine element that can be considered to be indispensable for the functioning of a machine. In bookish terms, relative motion is reduced by the bearings to achieve the requisite amount of motion which is desired in a machine.

Sleeve bearings, also known as plain bearings have the simplest form in terms of design as well as the components used in their functioning. They do not have any extra rolling elements attached to their bodies and have a plain surface, which is probably the reason they are widely known as plain bearings. Plain bearings have a huge load-carrying capacity, are relatively cheaper compared to other forms of bearings and have a comparatively longer life as well.

Sleeve bearing materials used during the manufacturing process: Sleeve bearings in bronze steel or iron are available, and the price varies depending on the raw material used to make the end product.

Sleeve bearing lubrication: Self-lubricating sleeve bearings are the most sought-after models available in the market and the reason behind their popularity is that they help to save precious time which would have been spent in manual lubrication. We offer self-lubricating sleeve bearings, which have a number of useful functionalities and are utilized for a number of applications.

Sleeve bearing applications: There are numerous industries in which sleeve bearings are used. The automobile industry is a very good example, because all kinds of cars, vehicles- their parts as well as machinery are inherently dependent on sleeve bearings. Proper engineering equipment is useless without sleeve bearings. Sports and fitness equipment also have a mandatory requirement for sleeve bearings.

Sleeve bearings vs ball bearings: Ball bearings are used for drastically different applications than sleeve bearings. They are smaller in size than sleeve bearings and are able to carry much less load. They are recommended for sophisticated users, such as hard drives and similar technical equipment and should not be subjected to excessive pressure or toughness, because they can handle very little weight and will get permanently damaged after a sufficient amount of wear and tear.

We are an ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001 certified brand, specializing in the manufacture, production, marketing, packaging, and final doorstep delivery of sleeve bearings, slide bearings and other standard products which are self-lubricating, offer ease of use and are at a sustainable price. At each and every step, we have qualified experts and personnel who overlook the entire operation and provide an adequate level of guidance to the next level employees for more efficient and quick functioning. We have cutting-edge technology used in our own factories where the entire process is overlooked. Highly specific machinery and equipment are used for different products, which include flanged sleeve bearings and metric sleeve bearings. One of the most popular products offered by us is sleeve bearing bushings which have proved to be very effective and in fact, indispensable over the years. We have over 10 years of experience in the slide bearing design and guarantee quality products that are delivered on a timely basis.


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