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Automobile industry

Even in the most demanding environments, customers can rely on the unique performance of our bushings, including: low friction, high wear resistance and high reliability. Bearings in automotive applications include: wiper, shock absorbers, seats, gearboxes, brakes, steering, convertible roofs, interiors, pillars, joysticks, pedals and other applications.

Steering system: steering support base, steering column, steering oil pump
● Variable speed system: rear output shaft, spindle, reverse shaft, clutch, pump, solenoid valve, planetary gear set, shift fork
● Seat: Seat adjuster and height adjustment mechanism
● axle: drive system, the main sales
● Brake system
● Hinge: door hinge, luggage compartment, hood hinge, automatic closing device
● engine management: water and oil pump, tension wheel, pulley dampers
● Suspension and shock absorbers

Metallurgical industry

Maintenance-free sliding bearings for a wide range of equipment in major metal industries such as furnace packing vehicles, ladle hanger, turret and tilt equipment, spindle rods, scissors, cooling bed, coiler or belt conveyor and other important applications The

Often used in dirty wear environments, it is difficult or impossible to maintain. Self-lubricating bearings are suitable for use in cast iron plants, steel mills and civil engineering to provide more reliable performance than copper bearings. With high load capacity, superior corrosion resistance, shock performance, bearings are perfectly used in a wide range of applications, including:
● charging trolley
● Drive roller
● pressurized filter
● Steel cover manipulator
● Lifting equipment / regulating equipment
● Locking device Casting cylinder
● Punching roller polishing machine
● Milling cutter screws – nuts
● quenching machine skateboard

Water Resources and Hydropower

For many solutions for water conservancy and hydropower applications, we also provide bearing solutions for other energy applications such as wind, solar, oil and gas, sea, nuclear and tidal energy.

The machine downtime is time consuming and consumptive for the owner of the equipment, whether it is difficult due to maintenance, bearing replacement or lubrication only.
● Maintenance-free, anti-corrosion
Self-lubricating bearings require virtually no maintenance, structure and cost to prevent corrosion in humid environments.
● Technology leader
Our bearing specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions for the most challenging applications.
● high quality, environmental protection
● Flexibility, product reliability

Agriculture and forestry machinery

Our self-lubricating bearings can be used for tractors, excavators, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, planters, harvesters, sprinklers, plows, tillers, planters, logging machines, , Bed machines, cutting machines, tree planting machines and other agricultural and forestry machinery applications, bearings provide superior performance, reduce system costs.

Agriculture and forestry machinery, the edge and boundary lubrication during the bearing will be subject to friction and wear. Our bearings offer more reliable performance than copper bearings. Our bearings have a load capacity of up to 620Mpa, protection shaft or pin will not wear, with good corrosion resistance, shock resistance and edge load capacity.
Eliminate the use of greases to reduce maintenance The self-lubricating bearings are ideal for applications requiring longer service life and are maintenance-free in low-lubricated or non-lubricated operating conditions.
● Improve performance and extend service life
Excellent wear resistance and high vibration load capacity in extreme conditions to extend the bearing life, improve reliability.
●Excellent over low friction performance
Reduce power consumption, improve equipment performance.
●Reduce costs
No need to use hardening and processing greases to reduce the cost of the shaft. Compact, one-piece construction saves space, reduces weight, and simplifies components.
● environmental protection

Fluid power

Maintenance-free bearings for commonly used hydraulic fluid and many types of water emulsion conditions, suitable for vane pumps, gears, plunger pumps and motors. In addition to superior frictional and abrasion resistance, they are stable and reliable at the required load and speed, making them suitable for many hydrodynamic applications

High performance bearings meet the unique application requirements of the fluid power industry. Our low-friction self-lubricating bearings provide a complete solution for reliable performance at high loads and high speeds, resistant to cavitation and chemical corrosion for today’s advanced hydrodynamic applications.
Enhance energy efficiency Mingqin low friction bearing material to reduce power loss, improve output and energy efficiency.
● Maintenance-free
The bearings are self-lubricating and are suitable for applications where the bearing has a long service life in the absence of continuous maintenance.
● Reduce noise and assembly costs Excluding moving parts, bearing running noise is small. Bushings, fittings and bearings to simplify assembly, further reduce costs and eliminate assembly damage.
● Replacement of expensive rolling bearings
Slide bearings can replace more expensive rolling bearings in specific applications, providing greater contact surfaces, resulting in higher load capacity, impact resistance and improved performance.

Construction machinery

Widely used in construction equipment, the use of bearings in the most demanding conditions, still have high reliability, such as heavy transport equipment, mining equipment, sorting machines, excavators, concrete pumps, piling machines, lifting equipment such as forklifts, Pallet trucks, scissors lifts, maintenance platforms and various cranes, container delivery systems.

Other applications include:
● Transfer between
● Shaft ear
● Conveyor
● track traction device
● Gap joints
● Dump body pivot
● dump truck
● frame / walking beam trunnion
● the main sales
● Cylinder
● connection pin
● Automatic grader
● Descending gangue kiln
● Scooter steering wheel

Oil and mining machinery

Pressure, heat, and pollution in harsh operating conditions in the oil and mining industries continue to compromise the performance of drilling equipment, pumps and other oil and mining equipment.

In these environments, safety is critical and downtime is expensive, and sliding bearings provide lasting stability for the oil and mining industry to maintain smooth operation of the business. We offer longer service life, reduced maintenance and grease for high performance bearings in a variety of oil and gas recovery applications, including:
● Valve
● Actuator
● pipe support hanger
● skateboards
● Iron driller
● Top drive
● Pumping oil
● Painting works
● blowing valve
● Ocean riser tension
● Platform cranes and pulleys
● lifting winch and guide cable
● Waterproof and airtight doors

Sports machinery

Maintenance-free bearings provide durable, environmentally friendly, lubrication-free operation, able to withstand high loads, speed and temperature. Our highly efficient bearings are well-suited for recreational and sports applications in wet, dirty applications with good performance.

Used in ATVs, bicycles, snowmobiles and mountain bike mounts, fishing gear, snowboard fixtures, recreational water rafts, golf carts and others, using advanced materials to provide customers with the ideal bearing solution To meet the new challenges of the future.
● Boat Crane Pulley
● electric fishing scrolls
● oval cross-country skiing training machine
● Hinged cross-country ski fixtures
● electric golf cart drive wheel
● golf cart front suspension
● mountain Gondola brake system and bridge support
● Yacht hatch and rudder
● Multi-function gym weighing station
● Slide pulley
● snow car shock absorber
● Suspension glider simulator
● ATV traction connector system
● Circulation equipment: shock absorbers, rear cantilever, pedals, wheels, brake rods, motorcycle starters and accessories

General industry

With its durability, reliability, low friction, extended wear life and maintenance-free, high-performance bearings can be used in a number of industrial applications, including civil engineering, construction, chemical engineering, electrical and electronics, food and beverage, forestry , Metal engineering, robotics, medical and hospital, mining, military, packaging, pharmaceuticals, major metals, pulp and paper, plastics and rubber, leisure and sports, rail and tram tracks, textiles and others.

Our maintenance-free plain bearings meet stringent environmental standards and offer many important advantages:
● Low friction, high wear resistance
Low friction practice without lubrication, to provide smooth operation, reduce wear and prolong life.
● Maintenance-free
Self-lubricating bearings for applications requiring longer bearing life without lubrication conditions.
● Reduce system cost
Bearings do not require hardening and processing of greases, thereby reducing bearing costs. Compact one-piece construction saves space, reduces weight and simplifies assembly.
● Environmental protection
Non-lubricated maintenance-free bearings meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations, such as the RoHS directive, which limits the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

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