BM-650 solid lubricant bearing

BM-650 Cast Bronze with solid lubricant bearing,is base on brass.Inlaid graphite or MoS₂A high performance solid lubricant for solid lubricant.It breaks through the limitation that the general bearing depends on oil film lubrication.In the process of use,the friction heat of the solid lubrication and the axial friction,the excellent conditions for the formation of oil and powder, the protection of the shaft is not worn,It has superior performance than normal bearing whose lubrication depends on oil film.Under condition of heavy duty,high temperature,slow speed,anti-corrosion or Where oil is hard to be introduced, Its performance doubles both in hardness and anti-friction

Can be provided as form:

  1. Straight bushings
  2. Flange bushings
  3. Thrust washer
  4. stip
  5. Non-standard products are also avalidable.
BM-650 solid lubricant bearing