BM-2 Pom Layer DX Bushing

Pom Layer DX Bushing is based on a composite material with 3  firmly bonded layers: steel as backing, sintered bronze spherical powder as interlayer and modified POMas lining layer.It fits well for low speed, heavy duty  and normal temperature and saves cost and prolongs working life when replacing normal all copper sleeves BM-2 DX bushings Suitable for rotating and oscillating movement, less maintenance requirements due to the long re-lubrication intervals, lower wear, lower susceptibility to edge loading, no absorption of water and therefore no swelling, good damping behaviours, good resistance to shock loads.

Can be provided as form:

  1. Straight bushings
  2. Flange bushings
  3. Thrust washer
  4. stip
  5. Non-standard products are also avalidable.
Pom Layer DX Bushing